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The internet can be a great place to access information, but it can also be a place for mis-information. I am a believer in going right to the source for information.  The organizations managed by Marsha Linehan (the developer of DBT) and the individuals she has trained are great, reliable sources of information. Below are some of the websites, organizations, and materials I often recommend to my clients and to clinicians interested in getting trained to practice DBT because I have found them to be useful and credible resources.  

Websites related to DBT and BPD:

1.  Behavioral Tech, LLC:  A great resource for both clients and clincians.


2. Treatment Implementation Collaborative, LLC:  Another great resource for clients and clinicians.

3.  The Linehan Institute:  Information about DBT Certification, Research, Events, and Retreats.        


4.  National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder:  Information for clients, families,                   and clinicians.  Get access to Family Connections, a free, evidence-based program for family                           members of individuals with BPD through the NEA-BPD website!


5.  Florida Borderline Personality Disorder Association:  Information and referrals for clients and                       families.


6.  Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center:  Information for clients and clinicians.  This site                 also contains a great overview of the many therapies available for treatment of BPD (including but                 not limited to DBT).

"I believe that the solution has to be the development of a theory that is based on sound scientific principles, highlighting the basis of the disordered "borderline" behaviors in "normal" responses to dysfunctional biological, psychological, and environmental events.  It is by making these individuals different in principle from ourselves that we can demean them.  And perhaps, at times, we demean them to make them different.  Once we see, however, that the principles of behavior influencing normal behavior (including our own) are the same principles influencing borderline behavior, we will more easily empathize and respond compassionately to the difficulties they present us with."


-Marsha M. Linehan, from Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder



Marsha Linehan on DBT

Marsha Linehan on the Use of Mindfulness during Crisis

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