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dbt for college students.

DBT is a comprehensive treatment program that can be difficult to implement in the college counseling setting.  However, research has demonstrated that it is possible to implement a variety of diffent types of DBT programs within college counseling centers.  Successful programs include those that offer comprehensive DBT (i.e. all 4 modes of DBT), skills training only as a supplement for individual therapy already being provided in the counseling center, and stand-alone skills training groups (without individual therapy via the counseling center).


dbt skills as universal education

Dr. Chugani's newest research also investigates DBT skills training delivered as a 3-credit undergraduate college course.  This course, titled, "Wellness and Resilience for College and Beyond" was originally developed by Dr. James Mazza at the University of Washington, where nearly 1000 students per year enroll in the course.  In partnership with Dr. Mazza, Dr. Chugani is investigating the health outcomes associated with the Wellness Course in research trial with 5 college campuses.  For more information about this ongoing research or to learn about how to get involved, please contact Dr. Chugani directly using the contact form.  For more information about Dr. Mazza's work on DBT in Middle and High Schools or to contact him directly, please visit his website:


dbt & college counseling centers

For more information on how DBT is currently being implemented in college counseling centers internationally, consider reviewing the research studies cited below and/or joining DBT-CCC, the listserv for college counseling professionals interested in the practice of DBT.  You can join today by sending a membership request to

links to the research

The following papers offer further guidance regarding DBT research related college students and/or college counseling centers.  All of the papers listed below are active links that will take you to the abstracts of the papers.  In the case of paper that are still in press, selecting the link will allow you to email me directly for access to a copy of the paper.



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Üstündağ-Budak, A. M., Özeke-Kocabaş, E., & Ivanoff, A. (2019). Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Training to Improve Turkish College Students’ Psychological Well-Being: A Pilot Feasibility Study. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, 1-18. doi:10.1007/s10447-019-09379-5

Video Resources:

Click here to visit TIC, LLC's website, where you can view a free webinar featuring Drs. Carla Chugani and Jacqueline Pistorello discussing the practice and implementation of DBT in college counseling centers!

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